To The Oriental Foot Massage Specialist.

Reflexology – Foot Massage – Acupressure Massage

Reflexology can be a great way to de-stress, it can improve your mental and emotional state and can enhance your body’s own natural healing system.

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A. 60 Minutes Foot Massage

50 min of foot massage, with warm foot soak and 10 min of back massage, shoulders, neck and hands while on massage recliner. Great way to de-stress.

B. 60 Minutes Foot & Back Massage

40 minutes foot massage, with warm foot soak, and 20 minutes of Shiatsu Massage on shoulders, neck, hands, and back while lying on massage recliner.

C. 60 Minutes Acupressure & Foot Massage

One hour combo acupressure body & foot massage. Shiatsu massage for 35 minutes while lying on massage recliner, followed by 25 minutes of foot massage.

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Our story

Welcome to Tokyo Foot Spa.  I first developed a passion for reflexology (foot massage) in the 90s while in Shanghai.  I feel revitalized after the foot massages. Over the years, I also acquired certain understandings of what constitutes a good foot massage experience from the customer’s point of view: the relaxing and clean spa settings, the right massage techniques, and the proper customer cares, they all add up to being a good foot spa experience. 

I want Tokyo Foot Spa to meet or exceed your relaxation expectations.  And I would like to share those enjoyable foot massage moments with you. You will find comfort and soothing ambiance with great services at our foot spa. Tokyo Foot Spa aims to be the best foot spa in Boynton Beach, serving Delray Beach, Lake Worth, and Boca Raton area of South Florida.